Standard ad agency revenue is typically generated by a 15% mark-up (actually 17.65%) on media, printing, research
and other services and products purchased by an agency on behalf of a Client. This has been the common practice for generations, and there is nothing fundamentally wrong with it.

We dont do that.

Image Builders works on an hourly consultancy basis, with rate and monthly hours agreed on by the Client in advance. No surprises.

The primary benefit of this is that if we recommend, for example, a TV ad schedule, our Client knows that its because we genuinely believe its in the best interest of driving his or her business, not because we make additional commission on it.

The other main benefit is that any media or other commissions that would ordinarily accrue to the agency are passed on
directly to our Client. Particularly in the case of our more media-heavy Clients, this means that the cost of our consultancy
fee is commonly more than recovered in the form of media savings that they would not ordinarily receive.

We think its an uncommon way to do business, to the benefit of our Clients.

(Regular ad agencies, please disregard the above.)