About Us

Image Builders was founded by Donna Hamilton. She has a background as Director of Development for Circle of Life
Hospice, where she cultivated extensive media contacts in Northwest Arkansas. Prior to that, she directed the Corporate Communications Department at Tyson Foods, saving that company $3.5mm annually while dramatically expanding the
scope of her department's operations and impact. She came to Tyson from Wal-Mart Stores, where she served as the Corporate Management Recruiter (the ONE). Earlier in her career, she built a Mary Kay Cosmetics unit consisting of 150
women; she was consistently in the top 5 in the nation in both recruiting and sales production. She subsequently enjoyed progressively responsible marketing positions with the Southland Corporation (7-Eleven) and J.C. Penney Co. in Dallas,
Texas, before relocating to Arkansas.

After hours (whenever that is!), Donna enjoys church activities, gardening, reading, travel, and riding on the luxurious
throne of the Gold Wing. She tolerates occasional afternoons on scenic Beaver Lake, as long as she can bring her laptop
to catch up on chores.

Donna was forcibly joined in this growing consultancy a year after its founding by her husband, Sandy. Sandy is a
(smart-alec) M.B.A., having occupied corporate brand management positions with Stokely-Van Camp (think Beanie Weenies), the Southland Corporation, Anderson-Clayton Foods (Seven Seas salad dressings), Quik-to-Fix Food Products (later a
subsidiary of Holly Farms), and sales/marketing positions withTyson Foods. He also spent several years as Account Executive/Account Supervisor at Dallas' largest (then) independent advertising agency, servicing accounts such as Zales
Jewelry, Big A Auto Parts and Owens Country Sausage.

Sandy loves riding his Gold Wing through the scenic foothills of the Ozarks, especially on crisp autumn mornings. He also
likes church activities, gardening, reading, boating and travel. He tries to maintain some degree of fluency in the Russian and French languages. The couple has five children, three living in Texas and one each in Kentucky and Ohio.

Donna and Sandy maintain their individual Client relationships, for the sake of consistency and clear communications.
However, they collaborate on planning, strategic thinking and creative problem-solving for all Image Builder Clients.
Each Client may see just one face, but he or she gets the benefit of two brains.